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Episode 75: Rodney Reed Pt. 1


The Innocence Project will connect you with resources contact the Board of Parole and Pardons as well as Governor Greg Abbot:

Sign the Petition:

Contact those in charge:
Call the governor, TBPP, and DA Brian Goertz: (512) 967-0567
Call Governor Abbott’s Staff: (512) 488-0698
Call Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s Staff: (770) 800-0689
Call The Board Of Pardons and Paroles Staff & Members: (737) 214-3944
Call Texas Legislators: (512) 641-4290

Execution order:
Supplemental Clerk’s Record:
Prosecution’s Brief in Opposition as filed with SCOTUS in 2017:,Giddings%20police%20officer%2C%20Jimmy%20Fennell.

Cousin Buddy affidavit:

Crime Watch Daily investigates Rodney Reed murder conviction (Pt 2) - Crime Watch Daily: