About Sinisterhood

SINISTERHOOD! Together we bring you the creeps, crimes, and cults that keep us up at night, breaking down the cases and legal theories to understand why these things happen and what happens next. And we have a lot of fun along the way, too!

Sinisterhood launched May 2018 and hit 1 million downloads just ten months later, then hit 5 million downloads just 19 months after launch. The show was featured in Marie Claire, Vulture and AV Club. In November 2018, the show hit the iTunes Top 10 Comedy Podcasts, appeared as a Spotify Featured Podcast, and is regularly in the iTunes Top 200 Comedy Podcasts since then.

Christie and Heather have both been comedians and improvisers for over ten years. They perform long form improv in a troupe together called The Cult with several other Dallas-based comedians.

Christie does the research heavy-lifting, providing case background, historical context, and trivia to give listeners a frame of reference for all our episodes. Her attention to detail, love of timelines, and overall organization keep the episodes on track.

Heather is a corporate lawyer by day who wishes she were a crime-fighter by night. She’s done scholarly research on the Fourth Amendment and loves making the legal aspects of cases make sense to non-lawyers.

Together they break down the creepiest, spookiest stories and give you all the juicy details.

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